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Archive April, 2012

Synthetic Grass – Not Just Aesthetically Pleasing

It’s totally true. Synthetic grass gives you that picture perfect lawn. So perfect visually in fact that one of the most popular lines of our turf is actually created with discolored “thatch” inside it to appear as though there is actually “dead” grass blended within; evenly throughout in a sea of green. It’s pretty cool stuff. Perhaps the greatest element about RugZoom synthetic grass though is that in addition to being supreme visually, it’s also a highly durable, drainage enhancing, high performance surface once our super through installations are complete. Check out this attached photo of a recent project where we installed a gmax rated playground surface complete with several different tiers of base aggregate, coupled with a “sponge” pad and finishing sand. Check it out!

RugZoom Synthetic Grass & Landscaping