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Synthetic Grass – Not Just Aesthetically Pleasing

It’s totally true. Synthetic grass gives you that picture perfect lawn. So perfect visually in fact that one of the most popular lines of our turf is actually created with discolored “thatch” inside it to appear as though there is actually “dead” grass blended within; evenly throughout in a sea of green. It’s pretty cool stuff. Perhaps the greatest element about RugZoom synthetic grass though is that in addition to being supreme visually, it’s also a highly durable, drainage enhancing, high performance surface once our super through installations are complete. Check out this attached photo of a recent project where we installed a gmax rated playground surface complete with several different tiers of base aggregate, coupled with a “sponge” pad and finishing sand. Check it out!

RugZoom Synthetic Grass & Landscaping

As Exciting As Watching Grass Grow

24 February, 22:46, by rugzoom Tags: ,

So we know what you’re thinking. You’ve all heard the old adage “It’s about as exciting as watching grass grow” as a response to something / anything we find more than a little underwhelming to put it lightly. Along those lines a blog about grass probably isn’t going to really excite anyone and make them want to tune in. Keep in mind though this blog will only partially focus on grass and even then when it does, it actually won’t focus on traditional grass at all. It will focus on SYNTHETIC grass (e.g. artificial turf, of course) purely as a replacement for or as an “instead of” real grass. SO….even though RugZoom’s grass is manufactured with painstaking detail to look as similar as possible to perfect real grass…. it’s actually a totally different animal. One that as it turns out is made in the USA and provides a vast selection of over 16 different versions to chewZ from; each of which are updated yearly to stay above the curve in what is essentially a global industry. Wow that was a mouthful! ..probably also a run on sentence too. Check out for more information on artificial turf or synthetic grass in Chicago. Ohh, you’re already here? Great!!

Have a stellar weekend.